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  • Writer's pictureCarol Caffarel, stager

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

We have always had either an artificial or live wreath or door hanging on our front storm doors with the hope of welcoming of people into our home as well as boosting the curb appeal of our house. However, a crazy add-on has been that a mama bird has made HER home in OUR wreath every spring!

We have to ask ourselves: 1. is this a NO, meaning no putting up with bird poop on the porch, having to guard against the door slamming a lot and throwing the eggs out, and maybe even having to divert our visitors through our garage (HORROR!)? OR 2. is this a YES, having the daily privilege of seeing Little Mama carefully build her nest, watching and counting how many eggs she lays, and then seeing the new budding family grow and all too soon leave the domicile that Mama worked so hard to make comfortable? Well, this spring we decided to lay the wreath down on the metal porch bench in hopes that the soon-to-be family would set up housekeeping elsewhere. As much as we know that we are the ones who make the house payments, Mama seems to be the boss of at least the front porch. She wins again this year. Back up it goes! One look at her searching for a landing place with a twig in her beak, and it's all over. Hearts melted. After all, we are but traveling through this world ....

#roomforall #springsurprise #hospitality

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