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Personal Items...I Can't Believe You Want Me to Take My Kids' School Photos Off the Wall!

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Yes, your #family photos and souvenirs are valuable. But when you place your home for sale, you have in effect said goodbye to this house and are making plans to move your family to a new home where memories will continue to be made. There is more than one reason that your family photos, scrapbooks, and memorabilia should be out of sight or packed up for the move that's coming up:

-potential buyers need to be able to imagine their family photos in place on the walls.

-the busyness of collages of framed photos on the walls does not create a 'selling' atmosphere, where buyers can look at the house and not the things in the house.

-your family's things should be packed carefully ahead of time to be able to protect them for enjoyment in the next home!

-give the walls a break! By letting them breathe and having them fresh with either new paint or a good cleaning (patch up those picture hanging holes!), your house will show much better.

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