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Pack a Punch with Power-washing

There is no better effort you can make to start getting ready to sell your house than the curb appeal part. There is so much to do, you say, and you’re right. But, if buyers drive by your house after viewing your listing online, that first impression, which includes the mailbox, driveway, yard, and front entrance will often determine whether they make an appointment to see the house with their realtor.

If your driveway and any sidewalk area is naturally grayed by the weather, it will look mottled,

dark, and dirty. We owners don’t see it every day, but it is naturally evident to a buyer and often implies lack of regular maintenance.

A beautiful, white or neatly groomed driveway sets the tone for the buyer’s walk-through. It’s fresh and makes the yard pop!

So HOW to do you power wash? Start by buying or renting the machine. By the way, it’s kind of fun! But you will have to read up on how to run the machine, get ready for some NOISE, and go for it! Big Warning: as you run the wand of the power washer, be consistent with both both the water pressure and the speed of the strokes that you make. You see, the pressure of the water makes everything gunky go away, but the steady way that you “wave” the wand gets all of the surface clean. Skipping around with the wand of high-pressure water will result in zebra stripes. And too much water pressure is harmful to the surface you are cleaning.

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If you powerwash yourself, add one more handyman specialty to your list of DIY projects! OR, hire someone experienced. Either way, the cleaner the curb appeal, including the driveway, the better your house looks!

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