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Holiday Decorating While Selling Your House

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

When you are trying to sell your home during a holiday time, it can increase your stress and ability to keep your house looking buyer-ready. Christmas especially is difficult. After all, no one wants to straighten the house every day for buyers, much less with decorations, a tree, gifts, and all the trappings that make Christmas a great time normally. But the best experts in the industry say to go ahead and decorate your house for Christmas or other meaningful holidays, just taper down the volume of it.Buyers still need to see all the square footage that they are about to pay for. And they will need to see a sense of what that holiday can look like (like where the tree should go) when they are living there.

Outside decorations need to be pulled back, too. Hang some lights but be mindful of the quantity. Most buyers will see your house in the daytime and will not want to be stepping over wires and cords and inflatables while trying to figure out what the yard normally looks like.

Realtors often have their best selling time during fourth quarter. It seems incorrect, but that statistic is true for lots of realtors. Why? The inventory of houses that are for sale is low AND the buyers who do come out are serious lookers. Either the boss who is transferring them needs that employee quickly and they need to find a house fast, or the family has decided not to wait for the usual spring rush to find a house. Our last house sold during Christmas. I have staged homes that sold on the week of Christmas. My husband and I put an offer on a house om Mother's Day. You never know what circumstances will come about that demand that you offer your house for sale during fourth quarter. It can be a great time, because your are not vying for buyers' attention with a lot more housing offerings.

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