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  • Writer's pictureCarol Caffarel, stager

Bring in the Green

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

There IS a limit to how many plants you should have in your house while it is for sale. And there also IS a limit to what those plants should look like. There is a Mexican restaurant that we frequent that has a viny plant that has roamed all along the ceiling and on posts and, well, everywhere. It distracts from the room's bright decor, but the owners are proud of it. There is also a seller whose house I staged who was an afficionado of orchids. Long and leggy stems and tiny delicate blooms - what's not to like? What's not to like is that there were about 50 in the small house.

The weakness here is about not seeing the volume of the houseplants and the overwhelming quantity. Bring nature in, but limit it to one thing that is green in every room or every other room. Maintain healthy plants as you have the opportunity to groom them. I use the mall-type plants that can thrive in low light, can tolerate lack of care, and can be watered on a regular basis that I can set my phone's alarm for. Keep it simple, keep it green, and keep it groomed. Let your friends and neighbors help by letting your plants have visitation and room and board at their houses for what will hopefully be a short selling time for your house!

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