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Pack a Punch with Power-washing

There is no better effort you can make to start getting ready to sell your house than the curb appeal part. There is so much to do, you...

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

We have always had either an artificial or live wreath or door hanging on our front storm doors with the hope of welcoming of people into...

A Good Stager Is Prepared!

Pocket Monkey! There is just something about knowing that this thin tool will fit anywhere and help solve probably 90% of the situations...

Eye 'Shutter' When I Look At Your House

A statement made by my mild-mannered mom put into focus the way that your eye perceives a house that has no shutters or other side...

Bring in the Green

There IS a limit to how many plants you should have in your house while it is for sale. And there also IS a limit to what those plants...

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